Countdown To Zero 2010

Countdown To Zero: The Truth About Nuclear Weapons

The biggest problem with Countdown to Zero is that it’s such a single minded documentary. It’s powerful and informative to a point, but it still just comes across as fear-mongering, much like Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, full of some really nice infographics and throws stats in your face, but not all of it is fact.

Some of the scary parts are about the storage of enriched uranium and how easy it is to smuggle it across the borders.
All the interesting things when you watch Countdown To Zero online fade away very quickly and are replaced with people thelling us that we are 30 minutes away from dying at any moment. Constantly we are shown images of blast radius’, like we don’t get it after the first few, yes, a lot of stuff will get blown up and it ends up just not being as scary as it should be.

The most fascinating part of the documentary for me were the parts about the minute men. These guys have to prep, check and launch all the nukes in one minute from the moment they receiver the order. For months at a time they live underground, taking shifts to ensure that they are on the clock 24 hours a day. Mostly it reminded me of the Matthew Broderick film, Wargames, it is crazy to think about how accurate that movie really was when it came to the details usually overlooked by the average viewer.

boy and girl running away

It is an OK put together movie, but so many times it looses track of its message. It is well and good going up to people in the street and asking them about nukes and how they think it should be dealt with, this is a pointless exercise and makes it crystal clear that the film is desperately trying to seek attention, for they never show the other side of the argument or someone with a different opinion.

Countdown to Zero just feels like another one of those documentaries that will fade quickly and never serve as any real importance, much like An Inconvenient Truth did before it. There is definitely still room for a good solid doc on the Nuclear arms race.