Lady Snowblood movie

Lady Snowblood – A Girl Born To Be Revenge Machine

One snowy night, a girl was born in prison, and mother named her Yuki. Her mother had deliberately become pregnant by doing the wardens and guards of the prison, with the intention of having a kid who would grow up to pursue a mission of bloodthirsty vengeance. She had been a happily married with a young son, until one day when she and her family arrived in a village only for her hubby and son to be murdered, while she was raped. Four people were responsible for this crime, and they will all pay when Yuki (Meiko Kaji) reaches her adulthood, and sets off to hunt down those people.

Here it is… the full movie that strongly influenced Quentin Tarantino more than anything to create the great Kill Bill. I have been watching all the samurai films that AnimEigo has been releasing on DVD lately (Lone Wolf And Cub and Zatoichi series). Those early ‘70s genre movies from Japan of the extreme blood thirst have an impressive visual style and uncompromising exploration of vengeance. Lady Snowblood is about a woman on a determined mission of avenge. What makes this film so exciting and cool is that it never loses its stride on subplot like romance or anything else for that matter. It walks straight line from the beginning to the end.

As the title character, actress Kaji Meiko is mesmerizing in this role every time her sword strikes, it causes blood to erupt like it is a final showdown. Hands and arms fly off, a woman is lopped in half at the mid part of her body. Everything you want to watch in an action/swordplay is here and so much more. The violence is extremely exaggerated by today’s standards. It is so exaggerated it makes you want to scream with joy.

As mentioned above, if you have watched Kill Bill, comparisons are impossible to ignore. Storytelling is the same non-linear narrative with multi-flashbacks filling out the back-story. The use of chapters for each story, the showdown at snow-covered ground, the exaggerated violence, the manga/anime sequences, and above all, the use of the song “The Flower of Carnage” which was written for Lady Snowblood and sang by Meiko Kaji. There are more. But I don’t want to spoil your fun before you watch Lady Snowblood online free.

Lady Snowblood is a classic by every standard of filmmaking and a must watch for fans of exploitation films. Movies like this dark, but stylishly directed story of revenge and nothing but revenge are really hard to come by nowadays even online.