Liam Neeson vs wolves

Liam Neeson To Be Eaten By Wolves

After the cinematic train wreck known as The A-Team, Liam Neeson would have to be crazy to work with director Joe Carnahan again, but it appears as though that’s exactly what he’s doing. Carnahan and Neeson must have a good off-screen relationship because Liam is set to star in Joe’s next project entitled The Grey, in which a bunch of Alaskan pipeline workers whose plane crashes into the mountains are slowly picked off by a pack of wolves. Bradley Cooper was apparently supposed to star in the film instead of Neeson, but he bailed on the project (I wonder why). After that, Carnahan decided to make the Taken 2 actor next on the docket to become wolf chow

I’m the kind of guy who will watch Liam Neeson in anything (although you’ve probably guessed that since practically every other news story I write online is about him somehow) and so I, grudgingly, am going to watch him in this full movie. Honestly, the story sounds pretty stupid. I mean come on! Wolves? Seriously In the year 2011 will we really be going to see a horror where the antagonists are a bunch of big dogs?

After watching The Ruins my standards for what constitutes a natural horror villain are pretty high. Oh well, I can only hope Joe Carnahan makes me eat my words. Liam automatically makes a movie better, but he certainly can’t save a film single-handedly, as anyone who’s seen Clash of the Titans or The A-Team can attest. We can only hope Neeson’s portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson in the upcoming Martin Luther King Junior biopic Selma directed by Lee Daniels will give him enough cinematic street cred to stay golden, but that’s another topic for another article!